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Academic Term & Vacations - 2019-20

Pre-Primary, Primary and High School Sections re-open on Friday the 22nd May,2020.

NOTE: This is application to Students and Vacation Staff Members only.

Sl.No Terms Vacations
1. | Term Wednesday the 22nd May,2019 to Friday the 27th September,2019
2. Mid Term Vacation Saturday the 28th September,2019 to Saturday the 12th October,2019
3. || Term Monday the 14th October,2019 to Monday the 23rd December,2019
4. Christmas Vacation Tuesday the 24th December,2019 to Tuesday the 31st December,2019
5. ||| Term Wednesday the 1st January,2020 to Friday the 10th April,2020
6. Summer Vacation Saturday the 11th April,2020 to Thursday the 21st May,2020