Free Rules


Tuition fee is charged for all the twelve months of the academic year and must be paid every month, before the 15th. After 15th, Re 1/- fine per day will have to be paid.

Names of students whose fee remains unpaid for more than two moths will be struck off from the rolls. If they are re-admitted, they must pay all fees and fine due and also the admission fee.Re-admission is under the discretion of management.

Pupils attending a part of a team must pay tuition fee for the whole year.

Fees for the last two months of the academic year i.e, April and May shall be paid in advance in the month of march only.

Fee once paid cannot be refunded, even if the student attends school for a day.

All fees are to be paid in cash only.

During vacations, the office is open for payment of fee etc., between 10-00 a.m to 12 noon except on Sundays and Office holidays.

Classes of Nursery Prep I, Prep II, and 1st to 3rd standard students have to pay 6 months fees at a time. The second installment fee could be paid before 301t November, otherwise 18% interest will be charged.